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1. The Protecting our Lake Watersheds Booklet for Homeowners in Mecklenburg County

Recommends buffer zones which are natural, forested areas adjacent to lakes and creeks.
Recommends buffer zones which are areas around Lake Norman designated for swimming without clothes.
Recommends buffer zones which are lawns adjacent to lakes  sprayed monthly with pesticides from lawn care companies.
Recommends buffer zones which are lawns mowed weekly during the summer months.

2. Fish consumption advisories in the US are on the rise, with over 2100 posted in 1996.

3. According to the News and Observer, fines for air and water quality violations in NC in 1998 averaged:.

99% of the $10,000 daily maximum fine.
85% of the $10,000 daily maximum fine.
6% of the $10,000 daily maximum fine.
90% of the $10,000 daily maximum fine.

4. The USPIRG report called Troubled Waters indicates that more then 1 Billion pounds of toxic
chemicals were directly discharged into America's waters.  This report

Does not include chemicals dumped down the drain to sewage treatment plants.
Is based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Underestimates the amount of toxic chemicals dumped into American waterways.
All of the above.

5. According to the Lake Norman  NPDES Location map developed for us by Duke Power Company,
how many NPDES locations are there that currently dump waste into Lake Norman.
between 1 and 10
less than 15
between 30 and 50
less than 5

6. In order to be a Lake Norman Covekeeper you must

Be interested in one of the water sports
Be a member in good standing of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce
Own your own boat to patrol with
Be a member in good standing of the Catawba River Foundation, Inc.

7. A Riverkeeper must be licensed by the Water Keepers Alliance, Inc., an international organization,
whose current president is

Jimmy Carter
Robert  F Kennedy, Jr.
Sue Myrick
Jim Hunt

8. The US PIRG report called Troubled Waters listed the top 50 rivers in the US for total carcinogens
discharged from 1992-1996.  The Catawba River was not on the list.


9. The need for a Riverkeeper (R)  for the Catawba River was established by
A bunch of fisherman sitting around drinking beer.
A bunch of tree-hugging, Birkestock wearing environmentalists.
The 1995 Catawba River Corridor Study.
The 2000 National Census

10. What percentage of water quality fines when to repeat offenders in NC over the last seven years?

Over 40%
Over 90%
Under 15%
Under 5%

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