A Call to Action


Mission Statement

The Catawba River Foundation is 
dedicated to promoting our environmental obligation to preserve, protect and restore 
the fragile ecosystem of our Catawba rivers, 
lakes and creeks. 
Through education, enforcement and 
coordinated efforts, we are committed to 
halt present abuse, to restore past 
beauty, and to assure a watchful balance of community and environmental need 
for generations to come.


You are needed because Water Quality is Not Improving:

National Trends in Water Quality:

National Wildlife Federation Handout
USPIRG Troubled Waters Handout

NC Trends in Water Quality:

Enforcement Handout from Raleigh News and Observer

Catawba River Trends in Water Quality:

Slides-Duke University WQ of Catawba River Today
WQ  of Catawba River in 10 Years
MECK Co. State of the Environment-Watershed Booklet Handouts.

Lake Norman Trends in Water Quality:

NPDES maps/discharger handouts
War stories from Donna--Killians Crossroads: Sawyers Landing, Creek-Cornelius

Take Home Message: