Chapter 4 

Overview of Bacteria and Water Pollution

    •  Bacterial Contamination 
      • Bacteria in water are the source of some of the most devastating epidemic diseases.
      • The effects of pollution are magnified as it moves through the food chain (figure 16.8)
      • 90% of bacteria survive for only 2 days in natural waters as the remaining 10% decline much more slowly.
    • Coliform Bacteria
      • Non-pathogenic coliforms can be used as an indicator of potential contamination in water.
      • Untreated domestic wastewater has about 3 million coliform per 100ml 

      • whereas the standard for potable water is less than or equal to 1/100ml 
        of total coliform and 0 fecal coliform for treated water.
      • There are standards for acceptable coliform levels in waters used for body contact or recreation.

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