buffer zones natural forested areas adjacent to lakes and creeks
Catawba River Foundation a non-profit organization that is dedicated  to preserve, protect and restore the ecosystem of the Catawba Basin's rivers, lakes and creeks
erosion wearing away of soil particles from the land surface by water, wind, ice, gravity, or other forces
groundwater water below the land surface which is held up in soil layers and rock formations
impervious surface surface  area created by development which does not allow infiltration of water (e.g. pavement , rooftops,etc.)
Lake Norman Covekeeper a trained member of the Catawba River Foundation who monitors the water quality in an adopted cove
NPDES Locations sites with plants  that have been granted a permit to dump waste into a lake, river or creek; National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
nutrients substances necessary for growth and reproduction of organisms; in water, mainly nitrates and phosphates
pollution the introduction of any physical phenomena, biological agent, or chemical substance, that has an adverse impact  on the receiving aquatic system
Riverkeeper person responsible for oversight of volunteers in the areas of water quality training , technical support, and pollution event problem solving
storm water runoff rainfall that flows over the land surface into adjacent water bodies, picking up pollutants along the way
turbidity a measure of a water body's clarity: caused by suspended matter such as clay, silt, organix and inorganic matter, and microscopic organisms 


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