bioconcentration an important aspect of toxicology.  It is the accumulation of a contaminant in one tissue or organ of an organismís body.
biomagnification the increase in tissue concentration of contaminants or substances through a predator-prey relationship, the primary means is through ingestion
biological oxygen demand (BOD) a measure of the amount of oxygen consumed during biological  and chemical processes that break down organic matter in water
community  combination of all the existing populations living in one area
ecology science that studies the interrelationships between living organisms and the interactions between them and their enironment
food web  food chains within an ecosystem are interrelated and interconnected to form a food web
hydrologic cycle movement of water throughout the environmt from the atmosphere to the earth
Law of Tolerances organisms have an ecological maximum and minimum
niche an organismís place, position or role in relation to other interacting organisms and their environment
pollution  the introduction  of any physical phenomena, biological agent, or chemical substance that has an adverse impact on the aquatic system 
population a group of individuals of same species living in one location
species only breeds with own kind.  Has a common gene pool


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