Anaerobic   living, active, or occurring in the absence of free oxygen
Cultural Eutrophication  The process of eutrophication accelerated by  man-made pollution.
Denitrification reduction of nitrates or nitrites commonly by bacteria, and usually resulting in the escape of Nitrogen into the air. 
Effluent  waste material (sewage) discharged into the environment, esp. when serving as a pollutant.
Eutrophication  The naturally occurring biological process of the enrichment of water with nutrients.
Nitrification the process of nitrifying; the oxidation as by bacteria of ammonium salts to nitrites and the further oxidation of nitrites to nitrates.
Orthophosphate a salt or compound of orthophosphoric acid
Phycology The scientific study of the 30,000 or so species of algae
Plankton The passively floating or weakly swimming, usually minute, animal and plant life of a body of water.
Zooplankton Animal life of the plankton
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