Criterion a concentration or level of a substance that reasonably assures safety of particular organisms & particular uses, i.e. for sensitive species or for swimming or drinking (potable=drinkable) 
Homeothermic the ability to maintain a relative constant and warm body temperature that is independent of the environmental temperature.
Incipient Lethal Level level at which 50% can live indefinite period of time.
Maximum Allowable Toxicant Concentration (MATC) upper limit at which no effects are shown- a percentage of volume over time. 
Permeability the capability of being penetrated, diffused or passed through
Standard a specific limitation established by regulations & required by law
Stenothermal intolerant of temperature fluctuations outside normal extremes.
Stratification the act or process of forming, dividing or arranging into layers
Thermal pollution  the discharge of heated liquid (as water) into natural waters at a temperature detrimental to existent ecosystems


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