Cadmium a metal in nature associated with Zinc, Copper and Lead ores, found in the environment as a result of industrialization
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) employs integrated techniques from improved land use and management, better agricultural practices, selective pesticides, and improved quality of care.
Lead  concentrated in ores and certain soils, its softness and low melting point has enabled its use in a wide variety of ways
Mercury a rare element occurring naturally in the earth.  Its properties have led to a wide variety of uses.  Is transported around and does not biodegrade
Pesticide any material that is used to kill a pest
Pest  any organism that competes with humans for food, fiber or living space or that detrimentally affects the way of life
Persistence  the length of time that a pesticide remains in the environment without it being changed or broken down into different substances
Selenium naturally occurring, non-metallic element found in varying concentrations around the world. 
Tributyltin (TBT) used in paint to reduce the growth of aquatic organisms on ship’s hulls.
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