Quiz 3

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1. .  Dissolved Oxygen

is essential for fish
is caused by waste discharge
is not affected by temperature
none of the above

2. Photosynthesis of aquatic plants adds dissolved oxygen to a water body during the day


3. What bacterias are used to identify possible water contamination?

Pathogenic coliforms
All bacteria
E. Coli
none of the above

4. A. Bacterial populations will lose what percentage in 2 days?


5. Which of the following raise DO levels?
Heated water discharge
Accidental swewage discharge

6. Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO's): 

are designed into new sewage systems.
are a problem in rurual areas when it rains a lot.
are a problem during dry weather.
are a problem in cities with old sewer systems whten it rains a lot.

7. When bacteria decompose waste in water
they add pollution
they use oxygen
they use hydrogen
they add hydrogen

8. Decomposition of organic matter adds oxygen from a water body.


9. Downstream of a discharge is called the "recovery zone",

which contains a return of endangered species.
which contains a return of wastewater discharges with problematic BOD.
which contains a return of more pollution tollerant species.
none of the above.

10. Untreated domestic waste has

About 3 million coliform per 100mL (teacup). 
About 30 million coliform per 100 mL (teacup)/
About 2 million coliform per kilowatt.
no coliform.

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