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1.  Algae blooms are:

The rapid and unrestricted reproduction of algae to the point
           where dense mats or profuse growth occurs.
found in all lakes
beautiful water flowers.
necessary to keep the lake clean.

2. Eutrophication may be described by the following:
(a) the addition of nutrients to an ecosystem, such as a lake,
      and is good in the right amounts but detrimental when in excess.
(b)  wastewater discharges from sewage treatment, along with a
      variety of other sources caused by man, add surplus nutrients to a lake.


3. The algal community:

is the same all year.
changes depending upon light only.
changes depending upon temperature and light
none of the above.

4.  Algae may be described as.

forming the base of the aquatic food chain
either attached or unattached.
eaten by zooplankton, clams, mussels and fish
All of the above

5.  Algae is made up of:

C & H
C, O & N
C, H, O, N, P
none of the above.

6. What are some sources of Nitrogen?
wastewater treatment plant discharge
runoff from land;
all of the above

7. The major source of phosphorous in the aquatic environment of the Catawba River is:

weathering of phosphate rock in the Linville Gorge;
wastewater treatment plant discharges;
sea birds;

8. The effects of Nitrogen pollution in the aquatic environment are not due to
     biostimulation or Eutrophication;


9. 1. The primary effect of excess phosphorous in the aquatic environment is:


10. The greatest source of excess Nitrogen in the aquatic environment is:

runoff from agriculture;

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